2020 has been a year full of hardship, loss, and being pushed to live in new, unexpected and often undesirable ways. But 2020 has also been a year that proves when we find the opportunity in challenges, or if we look to the solution past the problem, we can move our lives forward. So, as we look back on this year, let’s celebrate the people who created sparks. Let’s take a moment to recognize people who made a difference. Let’s acknowledge people who saw possibility and met it with positivity, and from that performed in a way that made them shine.

How to submit someone

There are six categories (yes, we know there could be a lot more, so we left one somewhat open-ended for your creativity.) Below each category is a description of what it represents.

Submit the person you're recognizing's name and email (along with yours), which will generate an email to them, letting them know they've received a Get Your Shine Award.*

Include a short blurb about why they deserve the award. This part is optional, but if you do it, we’ll also be drawing people at random to receive some cool free gifts. We'd like for you to choose 3 shine characteristics, which you can find here or below.

The awards will be open through Early 2021 (see below for the full schedule and additional details.) Everyone that is entered will receive recognition, SO EVERYONE WINS!

So, we know there are some amazing people in the world named Karen , but this meme has been too prominent this year to pass up. The Anti-Karen category is dedicated to ALL people who:

- do more than they’re asked,

- do great things but don’t seek acknowledgement for it,

- are those amazing people that even when confronted with frustrating situations somehow rise above it and use their influence for positive change


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Sure, there are lots of people who already worked from home (WFH), but this year introduced this work style to most people. And while that could be challenging in itself, many people were trying to figure it out while also juggling kids being at home and needing support with online learning, let alone being entertained. This category recognizes:

- the hardships people faced as they navigated these often overwhelming situations, yet prevailed and found solutions to move them forward

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Teachers never get enough credit and yet they are responsible for nurturing our future generations. This year threw a curve ball in lesson planning and engaging students, which we already understand can be hard to begin with, and put teachers in a position to figure out how to do that remotely while also figuring out the technology and systems to make it work. The virtual teacher category:

- is for any type of educator who flipped the experience of learning from being in-person to remotely,

- and while not only doing it to the best of their ability, they also maintained their joy and found the opportunities in the challenge of it all

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Many people put their lives at risk for others this year and we all are not only thankful for them, but lucky for them too. This category recognizes:

- all frontline and essential workers,

- from people helping to keep grocery stores stocked,

- to those working tirelessly in healthcare to not only take care of Covid patients but also the everyday ailments humans face,

- to people servicing our homes when they need repair,

- and all the others that made life move forward while it felt in many ways like things had come to a halt

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2020 was a year that many first thought was meant to be for growth and change, and when you look back, even though it presented some of the toughest moments, a lot of growth and change did happen. The Spark n’ Shine category recognizes:

- people who persevered,

- who strived past the struggle and created something new,

- who participated in the advancement of social equality,

- or who helped motivate other people to stay positive and find possibility in the future to help them shine

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There are countless ways that people shined this year, so, here’s your opportunity to get creative and recognize someone in a unique way. This category represents:

- those that were Shiny AF (if you don't know what 'AF' means, look it up! It's a bold way of saying 'a lot')

- a chance to design your own award by naming it and including a short blurb about what it means in the optional section

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Shine Characteristics

When you spark these you shine more. There are seven from the heart, and seven from the mind (see the icons below)


Someone's vibe. The kind of energy they're putting into the world.


Using our abilities to be persuasive in a positive and meaningful way.


Strong imagination that generates original ideas.


Moves beyond the problem quickly to get to the potential solutions.


How a person exists within a space and among others.


Asking deeper questions to get to more answers.


Ability to move life and things forward.


Quick and inventive.


Deep in the emotions for and of others.


Better listening that drives better understanding.


Ability to excite to then act.


Managing emotions.


Recognizing a love and loving it to it's fullest.


Doing things as you say and doing them well.

Awards Timeline


November 30th

Submit someone now to receive an award in their inbox!


Early 2021

See details above about optional submission requirements to win prizes


March 2021

We'll be celebrating those who won and announcing prize winners

*A few important details

Hopefully these help answer any questions you have, but if not, send us an email at info@getyourshine.com and we'll get back to you asap

How many awards can I send?

You can send as many as you want! (Remember, if you want to send a second award in a category that you've already submitted to, refresh the page.) However, for each category you will only receive ONE confirmation email after the FIRST award you send in a particular category. All awards you send after the first one will be submitted, but you will not receive a confirmation email.

How many awards can I receive?

In essence, as many as people want to send you! But, you will only receive notification of each award ONCE. After you've received the specific award for the first time, we'll keep track of the additional awards you receive in that category (for the prizing we'll be doing) but you won't be notified via email.

What happens when I send an award?

When you submit someone for an award, they will receive an email letting them know they've been recognized for the category you chose. However, if they have previously been recognized in this category, while we'll keep track of the submission for the prizing portion of the awards, they will not receive an additional email.

Will I receive confirmation every time I send an award?

For each category (there are six), you will ONLY receive ONE confirmation email after the FIRST award submission you make in that category. Any additional submissions you make in a category that you've already submitted in will be entered but you will not receive additional confirmation emails.

If I get an award, what do I win?

Hopefully a big smile for starters! But you also win a confidence booster of knowing someone saw that you shined this past year. If the person who submitted you took the extra time to do the optional portion of the submission, you'll be entered to win prizes. We will not be notifying people if they were entered for prizes, but we will be sharing more details about the prizes and the virtual awards party to all those who are submitted for an award.

What is the Virtual Awards Party?

Details for this will be shared in 2021. But, for a little sneak peek, it will be hosted online, recognizing people who were submitted and people who won prizes. If you're interested in participating during it in some way, email us! info@getyourshine.com

Get to know us

The founder of Get Your Shine, AJ wants to make the world smile. An international motivational speaker, he's a leadership coach, author, past creator-of and head-of internal marketing at Yahoo, and head of mojo for Verizon Media.

AJ believes "it takes simply one spark to increase shine, happiness and success." These awards represent the core values of what Get Your Shine stands for:

Be a good human - Be brave. Be bold. Be honest. Be considerate. Be helpful.

You must believe to achieve - Seeing the possibilities in life will drive you to a greater reality.

Opportunity is in challenge - When a problem faces you, find the solution and diminish the swirl.

Compassion is king - Move beyond kindness to find more empathy.

EQ outweighs IQ - Building your emotional intelligence will set you apart.

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